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In an age that frequently displays discord between the consumer, the advertiser and the publisher, Databowl was built with the revolutionary vision to connect all 3 entities directly. Coming up with a solution to get rid of ever increasing data-fraud and complicated lead-generation processes, we finally became operational in 2014.

About the Company:

In a consumer-driven world, we want to get you to connect with your audience.

So, to ensure you meet the people who are right for your business, our online software gives you the tools to connect with, capture and stringently validate your data and events, nurture relevant leads and convert the numbers into customers.

Basically, by breaking your customer acquisition process down into manageable and measurable chunks – from start to finish – we are the system that you need to gain ALL the resources to generate, run and automate your marketing campaigns.

Continually striving to help you find the faces behind the figures, we bring data to life.