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Startup4ten® is an On-Line Business Accelerator and Coaching Company, providing CEO expertise to new ventures and ambitious SME businesses. Through our unique business model Business Basics™ you get access to a business framework and blueprint to start, grow, and scale your business.

About the Company:

Startup4ten® is an investment by an entrepreneur in themselves and provides an on-line alternative to the physical business accelerators currently in play.

We do things differently to other accelerators too, because at the outset we provide every business with our own unique business model to work with. This model is designed to help entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their business helping them to get “business smart” faster.

Our model is called Business Basics™ and it provides a framework to work and build off, creating a method of developing and applying entrepreneurial thinking in a way that helps the business progress and evolve. It keeps the business and entrepreneur focused doing what’s important and cutting out the distracting background noise.